Workshop – Stressbewältigung & Yoga

Datum & Ort werden bald bekannt gegeben

In diesem Workshop lernen wir einfache Entspannungs-, Atem- & Achtsamkeitsübungen, um unseren großen „Ruhe-Nerv“, den Nervus Vargus, zu stimulieren und so unser Nervensystem zu entspannen. Wir befassen uns mit den physischen und psychischen Auswirkungen von Stress z.B. geistige Unruhe, Nervosität und Schlaflosigkeit. Wenn wir verstehen, wie Stress auf den Körper wirkt, können wir gezielt mit einfachen Maßnahmen darauf antworten. Der achtsame Umgang mit sich selbst und das bewusste Erkennen der eigenen Stressmuster sind hierfür notwendig.

Eine Entspannungseinheit wird diesen Workshop beenden.



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Yogalehrerausbildung & Workshops
mit Peter Clifford & Karoline Zenz


Anahata Yoga Teacher Training

Monday 16 July – Friday 10 August 2018
Location: Forsthaus, Hallein near Salzburg
Course language: English


After a great resonance the last years, the Yoga Teacher Training / Yogalehrerausbildung with Peter Clifford will take place the 7th time in 2018 in Salzburg, Austria. With the successful completion of this Yoga Teacher Training / Yogalehrerausbildung you will receive the 200+ certificate, which is accredited by the Yoga Alliance and internationally recognised.

The Yoga Teacher Training / Yogalehrerausbildung will take place at the wonderful Ayurveda-Center in Hallein, just 20 minutes outside of Salzburg city. The location was chosen with much care in order to provide a rich, deep experience for the students. Set in a magic mountain scenery in the heart of Europe, it holds a peaceful atmosphere. Next to the Yoga room we have a beautiful garden available for relaxation. Please have a closer look at this tranquil place in our photo gallery or directly on

The Yoga Teacher Training is on the one hand perfect for students to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to teach Yoga at many levels. On the other hand the course is also perfectly appropriate for anybody who doesn´t necessarily want to teach Yoga but broaden his/her professional experience through Yoga e.g. physiotherapists, ergo-therapists, massage therapists, teachers and business managers. Furthermore, the course is ideal for anyone who wants to invest in their personal development and expand their knowledge about Yoga.
For detailed information please visit my website Anahata Yoga Salzburg.

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Anahata Yoga 6-Day Immersions: Modules 4 & 5


Building on the principals of Anahata Yoga, these Immersions are retreats especially designed for yoga teachers and advanced practitioners from related fields e.g. physiotherapists, Ayurvedic practioners, psychologists, school teachers, coaches to expand his/her knowledge about Yoga.

Delivered in six immersions with a flexible structure, each module may be attended independently and certificates will be issued for each module. By completion of all six modules a 300hrs Yoga Alliance certificate will be issued. This modular approach allows you to integrate your acquired skills straight with your field of expertise, as well as build upon them. Hence, the overall goal is to enable participants to integrate newly acquired knowledge immediately in their practice, teaching and/or work.

With over 50 years of Yoga practice, Peter Clifford shares his knowledge from a vast pool of experience. Over the decades he has learned with TKV Desikachar, the son of Krishnamacharya, BKS Iyengar, and AG Mohan and his wife Indra, amongst others. In each module, Peter focuses on certain individual aspects of Anahata Yoga. Module 1 in Summer 2016 put its focus on Pranayama & Yoga Nidra. In 2017, Module 2 dived deeper into the Bio-Mechanics of Yoga, while Module 3 was all about Yoga Philosophy.

Modules 4 and 5 take place during summer 2018 and concentrate on Meditation and Inversions (Module 4), as well as Yoga Psychology & Yoga for stress management and depression (Module 5).


Module 4: Meditation & Inversions

Monday 1 July – Friday 6 July 2018
Location: Hundsmarktmühle, Hof near Salzburg
Course language: English


Module 5: Yoga Psychology & Yoga Nyasa

Sunday 8 July – Friday 13 July 2018
Location: Hundsmarktmühle, Hof near Salzburg
Course language: English

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Anahata Yoga Workshop

Friday 22 June – Sunday 24 June 2018
Location: Salzburg City, exact location to be announced
Course language: English


A rare opportunity to dive deeper into the internal aspects of yoga! Suitable for every one from beginners to advanced practitioners or from the curious to the dedicated. The intention of this 3-day intense yoga retreat is to develop a greater awareness and understanding of the art of internal yoga and inner yoga practice to create health and vitality while complement an external asana practice that tones and strengthens the muscular skeletal system of the body.

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